Donations are always welcome that will be used for the provision, support and maintenance of VHF and UHF Amateur Radio repeaters in South Hampshire

You can contact us via email if you wish to make a donation or via PayPal

Standing Order Information.
A Standing Order is payment authorised by you, to pay an amount each Period, typically monthly, to another account. Standing Orders are controlled by you, and can run for as long you as you say, months or years.. They can be set up to transfer a minimum of £1:00 a month. You can stop it at any time by simply telling your bank to stop.

As a Repeater group with ongoing cost's now, and when we have come on air, we need constant financial support, and we are asking that supporters and members set up Standing Orders, on a regular basis.

Please give this some thought to an amount that you can pay into our funds on a regular basis.

Alternatavly make a regular visit to our Ebay page where from time to time we are auctioning amateur radio equipment from Antennas, Tranceivers, Cable, Power Supplys and much more.


Your bank needs this information:

Our Bank HSBC 55 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DZ

Sort Code 40 42 18

Account Number 83892689.

The Amount £

A "Reference" may be requested, please give your call sign* as "reference"

* Call sign, BRS number or Name : ___________________________

Your Details

Your Sort Code: ______________________

Your Account Number: ________________________________

The Account holders Name: ____________________________

While there is no need to contact the group, our accountant will find out from our bank statements, although it would be useful to know about your donations,

please advise us at: GB3SHSU@Gmail.Com

This form needs to be taken, or sent, to your bank for them to process.