GB7MT is licenced to run 19 Watts ERP from a colinear over 150 feet above the leafy suburbs of Southampton.

The South Hampshire Repeater Group is pleased to announce that GB7MT our mono mode C4FM, Yaesu Fusion Fusion Repeater on UHF is now ON AIR!

The SH Repeater Group has now obtained the repeater, Repeater filters, and UHF / VHF duplexer so it can share its aerial with GB3SH.

Here is a power guide to 430Mhz
You can down load or view the PDF Here

Thanks to Karl G7AFT you can check out how to configure your radio for the GB7MT & other local repeaters
In PDF Format click on the link

Watch the latest edition of TX Factor with Karl G7AFT explaining System Fusion 2

Watch Here 2min 45seconds in

Episode 20 (TXF020)
TX date 26th January 2018

Watch Here 30 min in

Episode 25 (TXF025) TX date 13th December 2019

What do the pips indicate?

One Beep - Link has been established

Two Beeps - Occurs after 4mins of no activety on either PO or MT
(This means the link has dropped and the repeaters are in stand alone mode)

Three Beeps - The link cannot be established. One of the repeaters are in use or not available. Also if the link active and MT has a user transmitting and some one is transmitting on PO you get 3 beeps to say you did not get access. Try again later.

To access GB7MT or PO as local not linked you need your DG-ID set to 00. To access both repeaters DG-ID set to 10

This PDF will help you set DG-ID CLICK HERE v1.4 (Thanks to G6NJM / 2E0FSI &G7AFT)